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Our reliable health, fitness, nutrition tips and recommendations are based on the results of current scientific investigations. They aren’t intended to replace traditional medicine or established methods used by qualified medical professionals. We would rather that you obtain an evaluation by your doctor before seeking nutrition advice. We work together with you and provide suitable nutrition recommendations and advice based on the medical evaluation completed by your doctor.

Please consult your physician, particularly if you are at any risk due to changes in exercise or food habits. We don’t provide medical services or render medical advice.

We are experts in Indian food nutrition and software professionals based on our work experience, training, certification and educational qualifications that include multiple advanced degrees in Nutrition, Science and Computer Engineering.

Your Essential Food Nutrition Reference, an Indispensable Durable Guide to Healthful Eating Habits & a Helpful Resource for Practical Instructional Fitness Videos

The health and fitness world is already saturated with products that promise you miraculous weight-loss and six pack abs in 28 days. So, what is it about FitnSpicy Living that sets us apart? If you are looking for an unbelievable product for better health or fitness, we suggest that you re-evaluate your expectations. If you are looking for a reliable and complete solution to a healthful lifestyle that you can maintain over a lifetime then we are your right choice.

Reliable Nutrition Recommendations + Software Tools + Instructional Fitness Videos + Personal Counseling + Community Support = Total Solution for Better Health & Fitness

We empower you with health and nutrition information that is easy and understandable. Our goal is to lead you down the path to self-reliance, where you can take charge of your own health. Get smart about what you eat, prepare intelligent questions to ask your doctor and get the appropriate medical care.

Our easily accessible software tools make our nutrition and fitness advice adaptable to your lifestyle. The FitnSpicy Living mobile and tablet apps include a calorie counter, fitness tracker and a weight management log. Our comprehensive food nutrition database includes ethnic Indian foods and also popular restaurant foods. We can also help evaluate the nutrition value of recipes and food that you eat at home. For instance, a standard katori of cooked plain white rice contains about 180 calories (also referred to as kcal).

Read the nutrition tips and pointers written by our experts to find out about the health benefits and synergy that you get by eating a variety of nutrient rich foods individually as well as together as part of a balanced meal. Our instructional fitness videos have a diverse appeal as they cater to different fitness levels. They cover a variety of fitness exercises from yoga to weight or strength training.

Use our corporate wellness and personal counseling services to help set achievable and successful nutrition and fitness goals. We can show you how to measure your progress and make the necessary changes. We also work together with you to create personal meal plans that meet your requirements.

Find a motivational buddy or start a support group in our community to help meet your health and fitness goals. Join the FitnSpicy Living community today.

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Are you thinking been there and done that? Tried to keep track of all your weight reduction attempts? Can’t find time to exercise? No problem .... let us show you how to build healthful habits for life. Start a food journal and write down every bite you eat or sip you drink. You might be surprised, most of us tend to underestimate how much we eat. For instance, by leaving out one 12 ounce can of Coke (that is minus 140 calories) from your daily intake, you can reduce your weight by almost 15 pounds in a year. And do eat all your vegetables and fruits! If you are into exploring a vegetarian lifestyle, we can introduce you to tasty meat alternatives.

Use our Calorie Counter and Fitness Tracker tools. Browse our video collection for cooking demonstrations and exercise techniques. Form a support group with other like-minded individuals in our community.


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My Recipe Box

Do you love to cook? Do you frequently eat homemade food?

Are you wondering how do I figure out how many calories were there in the dosa I ate for breakfast? Our recipe nutrition calculation software may be just what you are looking for. The MyRecipeBox tool allows you to add your recipes to the food database. Whether you are looking to share your latest recipe creation or a healthier version of a traditional recipe with other users in our community, our software can do the nutrition calculations for you. Subscribe to our advanced software functions and start today.


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