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Although, the health and fitness world is already filled with products and services for the consumer there is minimal support for ethnic diets.

So, what does FitnSpicy Living offer our clients? Our goal is to provide support for a diet that includes Indian cuisine and promote a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Join now and help us grow the FitnSpicy Living community. Your constructive feedback will be used to enhance our products to benefit the community.


Making it work for you

Recipe Prep : Banana Flower Prep

Are you thinking been there done that? How many times have you been on a diet? Can’t find time to exercise? Let us show you how to build healthy habits for life. Start a food journal and write down every bite you eat or sip you drink. You might be surprised; most of us tend to underestimate how much we eat.

For instance, drinking one 12oz can of Coke a day can add up to almost 15lb of weight gain in a year if you don’t burn those extra 140 calories per day. Use our free Calorie Counter and Fitness Tracker tools. Browse our video collection for cooking demonstrations and exercise techniques. Form a support group with other like-minded individuals in our community. Don’t diet, develop healthy habits for life.



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My Recipe Box

Do you love to cook? Do you frequently eat homemade food?

Are you wondering how do I figure out how many calories were in the dosa I ate for breakfast? We know how challenging it is to find reliable nutrition information for Indian cuisine, even further being able to figure out the nutrition for food prepared at home. The MyRecipeBox tool allows you to add your recipes to the food database. We will do the nutrition calculations for you. Do you have a healthier version of a traditional recipe that you would like to share with other users in our community?


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