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Community Guidelines


Hello and welcome to FitnSpicy Living -

FitnSpicy Living is a website hosted by Sattvika Nutrition, LLC (hereinafter, “Sattvika Nutrition”). We are here to support the health and fitness needs of men, women, youth, and children of a diverse and global community. Our mission is to promote an active healthful lifestyle that is sustainable. We strongly believe that healthful eating and wellness habits are best cultivated starting at a young age. We empower you with the latest reliable scientific nutrition recommendations and work together with you to help you reach your health goals. We help you distinguish between trends and natural foods that are richer in nutrients.

We empower you with reliable health, nutrition, fitness advice and recommendations that are a guide to a sustainable healthy, natural and holistic way of living. They aren’t intended to replace conventional medicine or traditional methods used by qualified medical professionals. We would rather that you obtain an evaluation by your doctor before seeking nutrition advice. We work together with you and provide suitable nutrition recommendations and advice based on the evaluation completed by your doctor.

Our dependable and well qualified professionals contribute clarity to our website, mobile apps, tablet apps, cooking and fitness videos.

These Community Guidelines are to be read consistent with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, which are incorporated herein resulting in a fully-integrated agreement of use and procedure.

Please follow these guidelines to make this a flourishing, safe and supportive environment for all our Users (“Users” “You” “Your” “Members”).

Moderating Posts

Help Sattvika Nutrition create a friendly community that helps all our Members achieve their health and fitness goals. As Sattvika Nutrition has a small team of administrators who also act as moderators, it isn’t possible for Sattvika Nutrition to read every post. Sattvika Nutrition needs Your support. Please report any post that isn’t in accordance with the guidelines using the “Report Post” link. One of Sattvika Nutrition’s moderators will review the post and resolve any identified issues in a timely manner.


1.    Insulting others and/or Retaliation isn’t permitted.

a.    If You disagree with a viewpoint, posting, message or topic please do not attack or insult the other user. An acceptable response would be to respectfully disagree without offending the other user. Please don’t mock or criticize a user’s grammar, spelling and/or language ability. Please don’t respond rudely to a user’s duplicate posting/topic.

b.    If You feel that You or a friend has been insulted or attacked, the proper response is to report this offensive post. Don’t reciprocate or try to deal with this Yourself. Reciprocating in an offensive manner will result in the same consequences. Please use the “Report Post” link and allow Sattvika Nutrition to find a resolution.

2.    Trolling, Hi-jacking and/or Inciting other users isn’t permitted. Posts or responses to a topic need to be respectful, constructive and relevant. Please don’t stir up or incite other users with offensive and/or off-topic posts. Please avoid posting divisive, political or religious topics that can stir up emotions.

3.    Promotion of Fad Food Trends, Weight-loss Products / Techniques / Procedures, Health Cures / Products, and / or Medical Products that aren’t approved by the FDA or official government agency isn’t permitted. The goal of FitnSpicy Living is to promote good health with well-balanced eating habits and an active lifestyle that can be sustained over a lifetime. Sattvika Nutrition doesn’t condone rapid weight-loss plans or quick-fix health cures either.

a.    Please don’t promote any controversial weight-loss product, technique or procedure. Postings or topics that don’t comply with these guidelines will be deleted immediately. This also applies to promotion of supplements or MLM products prescribed by people who aren’t qualified medical professionals.

b.    Please don’t post topics, messages, pictures or profiles that promote eating habits that aren’t healthful. Further, the promotion of extreme weight-loss techniques isn’t permitted. Violation of these guidelines may result in deletion of topic, posting, pictures and/or account. If account is deleted subscription fees won’t be refunded.

4.    Please Respect Everyone. Please don’t post offensive topics, pictures, or messages that relate to gender, weight, body-type/shape, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation. Please don’t express stereotypes or endorse violence against any group or community. Such references in the form of jokes or humor also aren’t permitted. Please keep your posts decent and work-place friendly.

5.    Posting of Private Communications from Other Users isn’t permitted. Please don’t publicly post an email or private communication from any other FitnSpicy Living user, moderator, or administrator at any time.

6.    Stalking, Gossip, or Offensive Topics aren’t permitted. Please don’t initiate topics to belittle others. Stalking and spreading gossip/rumours isn’t permitted, neither is the revealing of personal information related to others. Topics and/or posts violating these guidelines will be deleted.

7.    Please don’t Publish Private Contact Information. For Your sheer safety, Sattvika Nutrition recommends that You don’t post personal contact information such as telephone numbers, email addresses, postal addresses, instant messenger ids, etc.

8.    Please ensure that Your Postings Abide by all Lawful Statutes.

a.    Please don’t post messages that violate federal, state/provincial, or local laws which include, but aren’t limited to, anything that violates a copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret or is bound by NDA.

b.    Postings that promote or encourage activities that are against the law, use of substances forbidden by the law, violence against others, and procurement of prescription drugs without a prescription, are prohibited.

c.    Images that depict activities that are against the law, or copyrighted material aren’t allowed and will be removed. Violation of these guidelines will result in account termination without a refund of subscription fees.

9.    Please don’t post the Same Topic on Multiple Forums. Please select the appropriate Forum for Your topic. Posting the same topic to multiple forums by the same user is a form of spam. We would rather that you respond politely if a user posts a topic that has already been started by a different user.

10. Please don’t create Multiple Accounts. Please don’t create additional accounts in order to get around a forum ban. This may result in a permanent ban from the site.

11. Public Airing of Grievances with Moderators, Admins or Other Users in forums isn’t permitted.

a.    Please don’t protest or complain about a moderator or admin action or decision on the community forums. Please email Sattvika Nutrition Your concern or question via the “Contact Us” link and Sattvika Nutrition will investigate promptly and carry out necessary remedial actions.

b.    Please use the “Report Post” link if You have concerns about a user, or wish to report a guideline violation. Please don’t publicly air these grievances in the forums.

c.    Please use the Tech Support and User Suggestion forums for general questions and/or concerns unrelated to a specific user.

d.    Please do not threaten moderators or admins, as this may result in a permanent ban from the site without a refund of subscription fees. Sattvika Nutrition’s team works hard to improve the site and ensure that FitnSpicy Living remains a positive and supportive site for everyone. If there are concerns, Sattvika Nutrition’s team does its best to be fair and polite. Sattvika Nutrition requires that our community members also reciprocate in a respectful manner. It is understandable that some users may react extremely in these situations but Sattvika Nutrition won’t accept such reactions and reserve the right to deny such users access to the site at any time. If You have an issue with a moderator decision or action, You may send a private message to Sattvika Nutrition via the “Contact Us” link. Please don’t post such disputes on the forums themselves.

12. Profane, Vulgar, or Explicit Images that are forbidden by the law aren’t permitted. All images on the site, including all profile pictures and images posted in the forums, should be decent and work-place friendly. Sattvika Nutrition reserves the right to remove any image that Sattvika Nutrition feels is inappropriate. Photos altered to present inaccurate weight-loss results are prohibited. Please use authentic photos for Your success stories to maintain a supportive environment for all Users.

13. Profane, Vulgar, or Explicit Language isn’t permitted. This includes the use of characters or symbols to approximate expletives or other objectionable language. Publicly visible text on FitnSpicy Living should be decent and work-place friendly.

14. Advertising, Self-Promotion, Promotion of Competitors or Fund-Raising isn’t permitted. Don’t initiate contact, post any links or mentions of other services, websites, or businesses from which You or an associate might benefit financially or otherwise.

a.    Requests or solicitations for donations aren’t allowed in the best interests of our community. This includes requesting contributions to “pooled fund” competitions, requests for votes in online contests, and requests for charitable contributions. We are a small organization and it would be hard for us to authenticate such requests. As You can imagine, Sattvika Nutrition has a lot of people who would like to raise money for worthy causes through the site. As much as Sattvika Nutrition would like to support these causes, if Sattvika Nutrition were to allow requests for donations, the forums would quickly become full of such requests which would take away from the main purpose of the community forums.

b.    Posts or messages to members promoting websites that compete with FitnSpicy Living are also prohibited.

15. Please Post In English on the Forums. In order that Sattvika Nutrition’s English-speaking moderator team can properly understand and evaluate all posts, Sattvika Nutrition requests that all posts on the Forums are made in English. We are evaluating the addition of Google Translate to some of our pages in the future.

16. Violation of These Guidelines May Lead to Disciplinary Action.

a.    Sattvika Nutrition reserves the right to delete or lock topics, to revoke the posting rights of any member, or to deny anyone use of Sattvika Nutrition’s site at any time, for any reason, at Sattvika Nutrition’s discretion without warning immediately.

b.    Sattvika Nutrition feels strongly that posts or actions disregarding these guidelines doesn’t contribute to the supportive atmosphere of FitnSpicy Living. Such posts may lead to consequences including warning, suspension of posting rights, removal of a user from the site, or, in extreme cases, involvement of law enforcement authorities. As a general practice, Sattvika Nutrition will operate on a “three strikes” system. If moderators block You from 3 topics for any of the above reasons, You will be permanently banned from all of the Forums. It is in Sattvika Nutrition’s sole discretion whether to use this “three strikes” system. Sattvika Nutrition discretion shall be applied on a case-by-case basis.

17. Please see that these guidelines are subject to change. We are grateful for Your cooperation and Sattvika Nutrition hopes You are enjoying FitnSpicy Living.

Effective Date - 28 June, 2017