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Most of us tend to focus on fashionable tailored clothes, desirable hair styles, and personal grooming essentials. What about the food that we eat? Choosing what, when or whether to eat are choices we make every day without even thinking twice about it. Food powers our health and fitness. It plays such a central role in our lives. Understanding the important effect of different phytochemicals present in nutrient rich foods can help us make healthy choices over a lifetime. The synergistic health effects of the combination of nutrient rich foods is remarkable. You are truly what you eat. Eating nutrient rich food and well-balanced meals isn’t just for the elite athletes or super models. Choosing suitable foods helps us live and work at our highest potential. The combination of food and exercise can help us maintain a healthful homeostasis. Get smart, stay in control of your food habits and be active today to ensure a healthier tomorrow.

Our nutrition and health tips are written by reliable qualified nutrition professionals. We use the accurate results of the latest dependable scientific investigations to form our recommendations. Our information is current and easily adaptable to daily living. Use this information to empower yourself and take charge of your health. Register and try our additional software tools like the calorie counter, fitness tracker and recipe nutrition calculation. Check out our fun and interesting social media posts – you might find something likeable. Our instructional fitness videos cover yoga and weight training for men and women. We have a little something for everyone ….. start today!

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The Treasure at the End of The Rainbow

Let’s be honest, how many different vegetables and fruits do you eat in a week? Many of us make choices based on what our children like. If you live in a country like India, budget friendly vegetables that are in season and available in the local market end up on your plate.

If planned well, this could mean a plate that is brown, yellow, green, white, orange, purple and may be a bit of red. Let’s take a look at the rainbow of colors that nature offers us and the he...

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We empower you with reliable health, nutrition, fitness tips and recommendations that are a guide to a sustainable healthy, natural and holistic way of living. They aren't intended to replace conventional medicine or traditional methods used by qualified medical professionals to heal, cure and/or treat. We would rather that you obtain an evaluation by your doctor before seeking nutrition advice. We work together with you and provide suitable nutrition recommendations and advice based on the evaluation completed by your doctor.

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Corporate & Private Nutrition Consultations

We provide on-site Corporate Wellness workshops and nutrition consultation programs in India and here in the United States.

Need reliable personal advice that is suitable to your lifestyle? We currently offer personal nutrition counseling by email.

Our future plans include in-person nutrition consultations at a location in Bangalore, India.

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