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Our website, mobile and tablet apps utilize a comprehensive and large nutrition database which includes a variety of ethnic foods that support Indian cuisine. Nutrition information for many popular restaurants have also been incorporated into the database. Use our fitness database to calculate the number of calories used during exercise, leisure activities and even daily living activities. Watch fitness videos  with detailed instructions from a qualified fitness trainer. We cover a variety of exercises, from yoga to weight training for those who like to workout in the gym. I am a qualified RDN (nutritionist) and my nutrition tips are current, reliable and based on the results of actual scientific investigations versus just fashionable trends.

Get the maximum from your paid subscription. My Recipe Box and Nutrition Consultations are advanced software tools created for your personal health goals. Paid subscriptions are $5.99 for 3 months, $7.99 for 6 months and $14.99 for 12 months.

Use the My Recipe Box software to calculate the nutritional content of your home-made recipes and meals. This helps to simplify calorie counting an important part of weight management. The amount of carbohydrate, protein, sodium, fiber and other macronutrients are also calculated in addition to the number of calories in the recipe.

If you are interested in getting a private nutrition assessment, meal plans and other recommendations, use the Nutrition Consultations software tool to email the nutritionist. Providing a complete and accurate health history and food recall enables the nutritionist to make an appropriate assessment and suitable recommendations that focus on and meet your requirements. All communication is currently through email. Our future plans include in-person nutrition consultations at a location in Bangalore, India.

We don’t provide medical services or render medical advice. The information on our website, mobile and tablet apps aren’t a substitute for the advice of a medical professional, and shouldn’t be utilized to identify, treat or make medical decisions. If you require medical advice or services, please consult the appropriate medical professionals. Please consult your physician, particularly if you are at any risk due to changes in exercise or food habits.

We empower you with reliable health, nutrition, fitness tips and recommendations that are a guide to a sustainable healthful, natural and holistic way of living. Our dependable nutrition recommendations are based on the results of current scientific research. They aren’t intended to replace conventional medicine or traditional methods used by qualified medical professionals to heal, cure, and/or treat. We would rather that you obtain an evaluation by your doctor before seeking nutrition advice. A reliable qualified nutrition professional (RDN) works together with you and provides suitable nutrition recommendations and advice based on the medical evaluation completed by your doctor. We are experts in Indian food nutrition.

Share your healthy recipe tips with the FitnSpicy Living community. In return, enjoy recipes contributed by other community members.

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FREE Calorie Counter and Fitness Tracker App
By Sattvika Nutrition LLC

Stay on track with your health and fitness goals with our mobile apps. Use our convenient Calorie Counter on your smartphone or tablet to add entries to your food journal. Track your workouts at the gym using our Fitness Tracker. Updates to your food and fitness journals can be made via the website and/or mobile app.

Healthful meal planning is simplified with our mobile apps. Use the My Recipe Box software to add your recipes and calculate nutrition content. We also offer a useful Shopping List function on our mobile apps that makes it easy to plan and shop for healthy meals. You can add what is necessary for a recipe from our database to a shopping list on your mobile phone.

Free apps available on -

  • Android 2.2 and upwards
  • iOS 6.0 and upwards

New Product Releases & Future Plans

> FitnSpicy Living app available for Android.

   Look for us in the Health & Fitness section of the Google Play Store - play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sattvikanutrition.fitnspicy&hl=en

> FitnSpicy Living mobile app available for Apple iPhone and iPad.

   Look for us in the Health & Fitness category of the App Store - itunes.apple.com/us/app/fitnspicy-living-indian-food/id939587704?ls=1&mt=8

> We have released a new version of the website which makes it easier to search for nutrition tips on a specific topic.

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> Are you looking to create an effective health program for your employees? We can plan a suitable nutrition education workshop or personal counseling based on the outcome of a health evaluation.

> Would you like us to evaluate the nutrient content of the food prepared in your restaurant or employee cafeteria?

> Are you a food blogger? Or just passionate about cooking? Would you like to see your recipes on our website?

> Are you a fitness trainer who is interested in working together with us on a community or corporate wellness program? You contribute fitness education while we bring nutrition and health education to the table.

> Do you have an exciting new nutrition or fitness tech product? Would you like to work together with us on an app or other software products?

> Looking to partner with us? Tell us what is the business value of this synergy.

> Advertising on our global website helps you reach people with diverse interests in health, nutrition, fitness, cooking, beauty, clothing and Indian culture.

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