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Indian Food Vegetarian Recipe - Banana Flower Curry
This cooking video explains how to prepare banana flower curry or pallya. Steps to prep the banana flower are covered in a separate video.
Indian Food Vegetarian Recipe - Banana Flower Prep
This cooking video explains how to prep and remove the edible portions of the banana flower to make banana flower curry or pallya.


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Back - Lat Pulldown
The Lat Pull Down works the large muscles of the back (the latissimus dorsi), muscles of the mid back (trapezius), rear shoulder (deltoid) and those of the arms (biceps).
Core Training - Abdominal Crunch
Abdominal Crunches work the rectus abdominus; it is the muscle that joins your ribcage and pelvis. Strong core muscles promote good posture and prevent back pain.
Core Training - Reverse Crunches
Reverse crunches work the rectus abdominus muscle. This is a body weight exercise where the legs are held vertical, and the pelvis is pulled towards the chest.

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